Acknowledgments and Model Overview

Project director: John Carnegie, Executive Director of the BusinessNZ Energy Council.

The BEC2060 project was managed on behalf of the BusinessNZ Energy Council by Dr Stephen Batstone of Sapere Research Group and Whiteboard Energy. The lead author for the Tūī and Kea narratives was Toby Stevenson from Sapere Research Group.

The model construction and operation was undertaken by Dr Tom Kober and Bakytzhan Suleimenov of The Paul Scherrer Institute, with support from Dr Kiti Suomaleinen of the University of Auckland. The underlying model - known as TIMES-NZ - is a customised version of TIMES, developed by the IEA Energy Technology System Analysis Program (IEA-ETSAP) community. It was customised for BEC by the Paul Scherrer Institute.

The interface to the BEC2060 scenario data was built in RStudios Shiny product by Dr Stephen Batstone.

Thanks to Tina Schirr, Dane Ambler, and Debbie Bougen from the BusinessNZ Energy Council without whom this project would not have been possible. Matt Paterson and Reuben Horne from the development team at Mercury IT also made an invaluable contribution.

The data used in this data explorer is from the BEC2060 TIMES-NZ model run 23 July 2019. You can download the data behind the charts here.